Starter, Alternator, and Generator rebuilding on premises.

We are constantly rebuilding starters and alternators and have many resources that allow us to buy new or rebuilt units at a very low price which is passed on to the customer. The normal turnaround time is 2 days and overnight shipping is available.

Maine State Inspection Station, Cumberland County

Performance Workshop is a Maine State Inspection Station for both automobiles and motorcycles.

A/C and Climate Control

Air Conditioning and Climate Control systems are a vital part to your comfort within your vehicle. We have many years experience repairing automotive heating and air conditioning systems.

Major and Minor Tune Ups

Major and minor tune ups are especially necessary for todays complicated engine control systems on a yearly basis due to low quality ethanol based fuels. Modern fuels contaminate fuel systems which leads to poor fuel mileage, performance, and may illuminate the check engine light. Most major tune ups include a compression or leak down test that will help diagnose the engines overall condition before a single tune up part is ever installed. Minor tune ups are also available at a lower cost. Please call for pricing as each vehicle is different.

Total Vehicle Restoration Services

At Performance Workshop we offer total vehicle restoration services.